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Massage And The Swedish Movements PLR

Manual treatment for disease has to a certain
extent existed since the creation. Man had, by-
instinct, acquired the art of manipulation long
before nature yielded her secrets in medicine. This
is still the practice among many nations. In
Sweden, even at the present time, certain manipu-
lations are used among the peasants for cramps,
swellings, etc. The Swedes seem never to have
lost the art but recently revived in other, coun-

Amiot and Dally speak of a perfect system of
gymnastics among the Chinese three thousand
years before the Christian era. They maintained
that gymnastics, by preventing stagnation, pro-
duced an even and harmonious movement of the
fluids in the human body, which is necessary to
health. Not only did they use gymnastics to pre-
serve health, but they also had a thorough knowl-
edge of their therapeutic effects. From each of the
natural positions they placed the body and limbs
in certain derivative positions, which modified the
movement of the fluids and were, of course, impor-
tant in different diseases.

The priests of Egypt used some manipulation in
the form of kneading and friction for rheumatic
pains, neuralgias, and swellings.
The Hindoos, also, had some knowledge of their
therapeutic importance; but the masses were soon
mystified by the priests, who by incantations and
magical words, led them to believe they were in-
vented by the gods.

Even the Persians used a few movements for dif-
ferent affections.

The Greeks were the first to recognize gymnas-
tics as an institution a fact of much importance to
the free states. Here they were auxiliary to the
development of the people both socially and polit-
ically. The gymnasts were political, pedagogic, es-
thetic, and therapeutic. The philosophers and the
physicians recommended manual treatment. Plato
even divided it into active and passive movements,
and especially recommended the latter. Some phy-
sicians practised the movements themselves ; but
there arose a class of people, called Padotribes,
some of whom acquired great skill in the manipula-
tion of the human body.

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